V-Carve tips_tricks request- background to text/sentence?

I think I have it. Again, this is a learning curve for me. Thanks again for the for the help. I hopefully can try to carve and laser this out in the next couple of days. We will see.

Would something like this work? I did it in Inkscape ?

Go to the Vectric Forum, search “stacked text” and you’ll get plenty of information.

Vectric Forum

Bill good input. In this case, I think there is a difference from the vectric forum details for stacked text and this one that pocket cuts the background word and has essentially a border around the sentence that is applied on top. Both versions look great so I am thankful to review the vectric details also.

Whatever. It’s a similar process. Sometimes, we need not to try to re-invent the wheel.

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put family on one layer and makes this house a home on another layer

do an offset of the makes this house text, i used 0.05"
will look like this

move that offset to the family layer

on the family layer make sure you convert everything to curves and then use the subtract vectors button to remove portions of the word family that are overlapped by the house text offset

youll end up with something like this

now pocket the family layer all the way through

then switch to the house a home text layer and do the Vcarve

your done!

Oddly similar to what I said above.

sorry didnt read yours. one thing to take note of is using boundary doesnt weld the overlapping portions together like using offset does. dont know if it makes a difference in this case though

I haven’t been on the forums for awhile due to the military sending me TDY to Nevada for a month, and then after getting back my family and I had to go out of town to visit the in-laws for the holidays. I finally got around to making a stacked text plaque for a family friend (using Aspire), and here’s how it turned out: