V-Carve + UGS + DWP611 - successful 3D carve in cherry

I finally got my X-Carve tuned so it doesn’t slip. After carving a 3-D relief with just a 90 degree bit and end mill I decided to give the 1/8" ball nose end mill a shot with some of the free Vectric projects.

Here’s a kitchen menu, from http://designandmake.com/chefs-kitchen-no2/:

Video here: https://youtu.be/mCncsBrAJws


And here is a video of the first 90 degree (well, perhaps not 90) carve https://youtu.be/Qgb02g6ZE-I

V-Carve is fantastic and once tuned, X-Carve is as well.

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Hey bud first sorry for my ignorance I read people telling people wrong thread and this and that but I am 100% new to forum. I made my own cnc it is 33x48 and works really well actually. I use ink scape then makercam then universal gcode sender. I am changing over to a new z axis shortly with water cooled spindle cause my dewalt is way to loud. Anyway before I go to much farther can you help me to move into the 3d. Like what software are you using. I been researching constantly and I was thinking of going to mach4 to have a pendant and whatever else but I see people doing it now with setups like ours and ugs. Love the kitchen carving and thank you

This is couple pics of what I have done with mine