V-carving problem

So I’ve had my xcarve for about 10 months I’ve made some really cool signs for the club I work at.

Getting into this v carving went to Lowe’s picked up a 90 and 60 degree bit. Designed a sign for one of my co workers. The detailed image looks great but when I carve its like it stays at the one depth and never changes. What am I doing wrong I’m running at .050 in depth but it keeps jamming the letters together

It might be that the height of the material is slightly higher than your set Z0.
It can also be comming from run-out.
Aslo, you dont mention the size of the text - if small the effects of the two factors I mentioned play a larger role.

It should spell Because BTW :slight_smile:

Part of the problem is the bit your using, it has a flat spot.

Thanks for the reply what do you mean by run out. Sorry I’m still new to this. As far as flatness the picture I sent was just part of the sign. All the letters in the picture are the same way.

that’s the size of the capital B and the size of the e the whole sign is in a 12x12 piece

Ok to the Bosch 60 degree bit has a flat spot not really understanding that in the fact it comes to a point. Also how would I account for that. By adjusting my depth. Say from .050 to .030

Thanks for the info so for now I’ll have adjust. So you recommend buying say the 60 and 90 from inventables because they don’t have a flat side

My 60 and 90 from Inventables have flat spots.

I believe that Whiteside Machine 1540, 1502, 1500, and 1550 don’t have flat spots. I know 100% that the 1540 doesn’t and am 95% sure the others don’t.

Thanks Justin going to order the 1540 and try it out thanks everyone for the help

Also while looking over setting I noticed the pledge depth that was recommended was set at .06 could that also play a part. Considering my depth of cut was set at .05

Thanks for all the info