V-Carving projects beyond signs

I’ve become really interested in projects that use v-carving that aren’t signs or other engraving type projects. This studded trivet is one of them.

@WildmanProject showed me a box that he made.

Does anyone have other examples they can post pictures of below?

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I am not to sure I have done to many full projects non sign with v-bits only

but I do use v-bits for things like tracing outlines and chamfering edges

there are grilling planks not signs lol


Boxes… Lots of boxes.

Same technique as a bandsaw box, but without the split in the ring.


This coaster set was v-carved:



I made 20 car show awards for my club’s car show and a large board game for a buddy. Looking for more projects to try.


That aluminum poker chip is insane. How many did you make @ErikJenkins also did you paint the red and black or are those inlays?

I made about a dozen of them (I give them away)…I usually make one when I have a scrap piece of 0.25" aluminum left over that is too small to use for anything else. I paint them with a toothpick and acrylic paint. I have more scrap aluminum now…would you like me to send you one of the next batch?


Sure! I’ll put it in our customer project showcase.


Love the tripoley board game. We used to play it a lot when my kids were younger. Any chance you would share the project?

I don’t see why not, I probably won’t use it again… It wasn’t a difficult design… But wish I had known I could start at the center of the circle instead of keep trying from the edge and waste a few of the blanks. I’ll try to remember tonight.

V-engraved wall art:


Ok, I think I have it shared… first one I’ve done…