V-groove in Fusion 360

Do you guys have a good method to mill V-grooves using Fusion 360?
I cannot find a good way by picking ‘‘engrave’’ or ‘‘trace’’ options. Somehow I cannot select only the V part.
Please have a look at the pic to see what I mean.

I can work around it by faking a square groove while using a V-bit, but still would like to know more on the CAM of such parts.

I don’t use Fusion 360, but If I was making that part I would simply take a single line vector across the part and use a v-bit, on the line, to cut the notches.

That’s right. thanks. But this is especially more difficult when the notches are wider than the bit. (I know you can still calculate using the angle of the bit and use multiple lines, but there should be a better way)

You can mill chamfers and grooves wider than the tool with the 3D Contour strategy. You can use heights and machining boundaries to confine the operation to just the groove part.

3D Contour. Thanks for the help, works like a charm!

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