V wheels popoing

Has anyone else have or had this? When i move my z axis my v wheels are poping from the bearings so this is giving me 50 thousand of movement at the tip of the bit. I think the pay is from the bearings, the space between the two in the v wheel. They are no loose and its not deflection in the maker rails. Can they be pressed together or are they most likely bad? This explains why im get not so good of cuts.

Oh one more question should the spindle turn off automatically when its finished a project? I have the quiet cut spindle.

By poping do you mean coming off the bearings or just moving on the bearings.

If you take a wheel apart you should have 4 parts in your hand. 2 bearings, 1 1mm thick washer or shim and 1 wheel rim. If you look at the wheel rim there should be a ridge in the center of the bore for the bearings. A bearing should not move all the way through the wheel rim. If you assemble the wheel and have the shim between the bearings when every thing is tight the wheel rim should not move on the bearings in and out and it should rotate freely.
Also with the wheel assembled and mounted with no maker slide installed you should not get any twist in the wheel if you try and twist it at right angles to the bolt.

Also the wheel rims are to be a light press fit on the bearings and not loose. It should take a little force to press the bearing into the rim.

Hope all of this helps. Others will also give advise.


i discovered mine does the same thing. if you pull the z axis back and forth the whole thing moves at the vwheel bearing.
my machine has been down for 2 weeks so i havent gotten around to checking on it yet but had figured the bolts needed tightening. the z axis is a pain to get to the screws with the hex wrench so i just figured they had came loose

from the sounds of it they are loose. tighten all the v wheel bolts and adjust the eccentric nuts and see if that fixes it.

Well i can confirm it is NOT because they are loose. If you remove the wheel from the machine with your fingers you can get the plastic part of the wheel to move on the bearing which makes a popping noise. So not sure if this is normal or what

that is not good i would suggest contacting support about this issue they will take care of you!

Well every wheel i checked was that way

I checked it is definitely the bearing is moving inside of the outer wheel.

Cut a allen wrench down makes getting the z axis very easy. We seem to have very similar issues when did you get yours?

Yeah thats what i did. I got mine at the end of may