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Vacuum cleaner cnc


Clever and useful! I have a separator on my big vacuum and it maked a huge difference.

thanks for the comment, the idea is to use recycled things so as not to spend more money hahahahaha?

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that vacuum cleaner is super silent I recommend it sounds like 70x% less than the router.

Brand or link to the vacuum? Or is that just an old cannister vac?

I also use a vacuum cleaner with an eBay cyclone unit to separate.

One word of warning regarding vacuum cleaners, they are not happy running for prolonged periods. Overheating and fire hazard may be present, though most modern vacuums do have over-temp protective circuitry.
The coiled AC wire however, when coiled up, will heat up during prolonged use and in extreme cases run hot/can melt and short circuit follow.

I don’t run mine for prolonged periods of time, only either after the carve for tidying up or periodically during long carves.

thanks for the explanation my profecion is recidential electricity and I have experienced in that of consumptions this vacuum consumes the same as a pc 300 watts so there are no heating problems with this?

300 watts lower or 1200 watts high speed

Same idea and I added a Thien baffle

Should probably be fine, I added my comments as a precaution against vacuums in general - they do work, but can fail catastrophically if misused.

One preventive measure would for instance be to pull out all available cord so it isn’t coiled up inside the housing.
A wire coil act as a choke when current pass through and the more power the hotter it gets. (Search induction heating)

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I love the leveling feet idea on your machine. Do you run into any issue with excessive movement because of this?

can you share Brand or link to the vacuum

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