Vacuum holding Pods

I am curious if any one uses these?

They seem like a great deal


Those are pretty cool, if I was doing any kind of production work I’d really be looking into them.

Doesn’t look to bad to build your own, here is the venturi they are using to build vacuum.

oh check it out yeah i have been debating on making my own out of Delrin but I am not sure if I could do it for that price

I wonder if I can get away with using pvc instead of delrin

I do know that alot of people do seem to be using HDPE but in my experience HDPE is not dimensionally stable especially when surfaced and with drastic temp swings

oh yeah I have seen those I would be worried about screwing them down to the spoilboard and cracking the plastic especially when its cold in the shop

although you could insert metal sleeves in the mounting holes

Check this out. I knew someone had these.

I CAD’d up a similar pod based on Axiom’s. No idea if it would work on not, would be fun to test!


I would love to take a look would you mind sharing the step file?

Sure, here you go

vacuum puck.step (70.6 KB)

You da man thanks


Are you using .25" vacuum gasket for this or .125"?

I believe .125" diameter.

The tubing is .25" OD

oh okay thanks

I really wish fusion would let me measure from here to here lol to see how deep that pocket is

Haha, I can tell you right now the channel is centered vertically and in between the inner/outer wall, so its ~.0625" deep.

oh wow those are small I might have to scale it up a little

but thats a pretty good looking design I am thinking

and thank you for the measurement

Yeah when i was designing it I tried to fit a 1/4" ring but my design didn’t have enough space for it and I was too lazy to scale everything up lol. Heres the .f3d archive so you can scroll through history to change the dimension(s).

puck.f3d (161.4 KB)

lol no worries thank you for the file I really need to get on the ball with making these vacuum fixtures I bet they could be a huge help in the shop

better order me some sheets of pvc type 1!!

I’m all about using Vacuum in my shop for clamping. WIth the proper setup these units should work great.

I have tested many different types of gaskets but have found the Dstyle to work the best. It’s not cheap but does the job well.

I find it at

Below is the part number

SPVACPG Vacuum gasket material for VWH

If you can find this cheaper, please let me know. I like to keep a surplus of this gasket in my shop.