Vacuum Table - Venturi?

Hi All!

I’m in the process of designing and building a vacuum table for my xcarve pro 4x2, loosely based on Frank Ortiz’s build here. I’m fortunate enough to have a massive compressor in the shop and would like to leverage that via a venturi vs use a shopvac or the like. Does anyone have experience doing such with a venturi like the Pierson one? Most of the builds I’ve seen have large 2" pipes feeding into the base of the table, and the smaller Pierson has a tiny vacuum tube. Would I simply do the same thing except use the smaller tubing / valve into the base + plenum board?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’m doing larger runs now which require my workpiece to be held flatter and the breaking of my boot on clamps has becomes the bane of my existence.

thank you!

-erik needham

did you ever get anywhere with this. I own a 4x2 and am interested in a vacuum table solution. I have just started exploring it.

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