Vacuum table/ wasteboard

Works well. Created with Easel to utilize the extra 4in port on the Harbor Freight dust collector. I can upload files if anyone is interested.

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Hi there Scott,

Wow!! What a fantastic addition!! Looks fantastic!!!

All the very best


vacuum table? just want to be sure if i am seeing what i think I’m seeing. would love to see the plans!

thanks for sharing!!

If this is a vac hold down table, which it appears to be, I’d be interested in the plans as well…!!

@ScottW This looks great!

I am particularly interested in the dual-hose dust boot. I have a 3HP Oneida cyclone system in my shop (and a 6" duct running directly above my x-carve) and have been considering something similar to what you’ve done.

What is the diameter of the two hoses? Does the boot attach to the router (and move up and down with it)? [I’ve been considering a fixed boot that attaches to the bottom of the Z makerslide.]

Any details regarding the dust boot, the hose you used, as well as the fitting that attaches the two hoses to your ductwork above would be greatly appreciated.

Great work!

I’m definitely interested in this! Looks like you’re holding down some 1/8" plywood maybe in one shot. How well does it hold down, for example, when you have that large hole that isn’t covered?

I don’t have specific plans as I just used what i had left over from the harbor freight dust collection accessory kit, 3d printed parts, and 3/4in mdf. It holds down items well as long as the remaining exposed holes are covered. It is a vacuum after all… I do have the easel files I created for the top and bottom boards of the vacuum table if anyone is interested. The dust shoe, dual-adapter port, and hose restraints are my own ever changing design that I 3d printed. The dust shoe is fixed to the z axis and allows for a wide range of variable height material. Hose size is single 4in from overhead source to dual 1.5in shop vac style. The skirt is also independently height adjustable via velcro mount.

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@ScottW, I would definitely be interested in those easel files. Thanks!

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Am I seeing this right? It looks like you’re using the dust collector with a split bypassing the cyclone can for suction. is that correct? If so, how has it been working out?


Yes. You are correct. I am still using the same design and it works well.

I have the harbor freight 1hp unit. Is that what you used? * I can see clearer now that you have the 2hp. not sure if mine will be enough power, but it’s worth a try.

I would love to learn more about the setup. Would you mind sharing the details? I have been researching many different options for a vacuum table and kept trying to find an option using the dust collector but yours is the only I have found.


What details are you looking for? I posted the easel files up top. The only change i would make is to reduce the vacuum portion of the wasteboard to 18in instead of 24in.

the connections at the dust collector. are you restricting flow by any means to the rest of the system or simply using a y split?

It is a y split at the intake of the dust collector.

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@ScottW I’m also a Makergear M2 (also upgraded to dual) as well as X-Carve owner - I wonder how many of us there are.

It does seem to be a natural progression. I went from just a single M2 to the xcarve and now 2 lasers. It is an addiction and I had no interest in any of this stuff until just a few years ago. I even quit a corporate job of 16 years to pursue this crazy obsession!

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I started with the M2 (built as a kit which I really enjoyed). Then I built a quadcopter from parts based on instructions in the TWIT Know How podcast. Then got the X-Carve last December, and just when I was starting to feel comfortable with that I decided I needed something else to drive me crazy, so I got one of the cheap 40W Chinese lasers on eBay. I just got that working with a Smoothieboard controller last week, now to get more comfortable with that software stack. I started learning Fusion 360 when I got the M2, so now it’s really nice that it can be used for CAM on the X-Carve and now as a beta feature they’re generating toolpaths for the laser.

Can’t quit my day job though - it pays for my toys.