Valet Tray Project

Just posted this video of a small project making a dump tray with the BoneFrog logo inlaid in epoxy.

Link to Easel project if anyone is interested.



That’s really cool. Love the inlay.

Very nice. I like the pattern in the wood. Goes well with the inlay.

Everything that I have seen says the Dewalt job site saw cannot accept a dado. Did you make any mods to the saw or get a special dado set? Awesome project by the way!

Hi, Pat.
No, I hadn’t heard that, but I am definitely going to check into it. I never even thought to check. There were no modifications made. The saw has a 5/8 inch arbor and the shaft is long enough for the dado stack and still allows the washer to be used under the nut. I just purchased a dado stack at Lowe’s. (See link below) Please let me know if you find anything definitive on that and I will do the same. Thanks a lot.

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I just saw those first 2 posts! Missed them somehow. Thanks guys for checking out the tray video. I’ll be adding more to the channel soon.
Have a good one.

There’s more than one version of a DeWalt jobsite table saw. The little one (745, I think) can’t fit a Dado.

That would be the one I have. Got excited there for a minute. Any hoo JoeVan, super nice project!

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Thanks, Pat!
Yea, my DeWalt saw is a DWE7491 so maybe that explains it.
I’d sure like to get a SawStop cabinet saw, someday,

I know what you mean. They have a few over at wood craft here in town that I was playing with on the sales floor. Makes The dewalt feel like a child’s toy.