Variant of bump stops

So I have started to do some tiled jobs and wanted a good set of clamps to align the work while sliding the stock (parallel to the x-y engrave lines I cut into the wasteboard as I saw on @PhillipLunsford’s video). After watching @PhillipLunsford’s video on the bump stops (below) I decided an acrylic version of his clamping system would work really well since acrylic makes such a nice slider compared to wood on wood (his clamps work better probably on straight workholding since you want lots of friction). So taking that idea, created my own variant design in OnShape using 1/4" acrylic (which I cut on my Glowforge). And yes for some reason I apparently filleted the edge on layer 1 but not layer 2). Easy enough to fillet the corner in Illustrator or Inkscape. I use plain M6 bolts with fender washers (1/4") with a M6 washer above. My slots are a little wider than Phillip’s since I wanted to be able to accommodate the un-squareness when tiling a long sign, so this lets me tilt the clamp (if you really want the slots are long enough to get 2 sets of bolts). The red square was to create an engrave box for a center marker (which of course I can’t really see on the black acrylic - scrap from another project). I just welded the 2 layers with WeldOn #3 and that’s been fine.

Here is the file of my version with Phillip’s original in the video description on YouTube above. (1.1 KB)

But thanks for Phillip for the original inspiration and all you do for teaching in your videos.