Varying Sound-- Sometimes carving is much louder

I calibrated the potentiometers, which helped a great deal. I carved an octagon on the machine using a 1/8" 2F upspiral bit. Used the default settings for soft maple. 711mm/minute & 0.7mm depth.

When moving north west the cutting got significantly louder. Is that normal? I adjusted the feed to 600 mm / minute b/c I thought it may have been moving too fast. Loud again, but couldn’t tell if it was better or worse. Any ideas on why only certain parts of the carve would be louder?

WHat material Are you cutting?

If hard(or even soft) wood, wood densities vary and this would be noticable on your machine’s “voice”

I notice a fair difference in cutting sound as the bit moves around in relation to the grain of the wood. Seems normal, and doesn’t effect finish as far as I can tell.

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Agreed about crossing grain lines. i’ve been cutting alot in tamarack lately and it varies from board to board but I really hear it when in the more pronounced grain…

Milling across the end grain will cause a change in the sound.