Vbit carving mountain/water scene

~Should I use a 60 or 90 degree to carve out the detail best? Seems I’m using 60 for most things, but not sure about the water in this pic? Only going down about .04 into pine. Looking for experienced suggestions, thank you very much - Brenda

Not that my opinion counts but i would use the 60 degree if i was doing it.


I like the look of 90 over all others, but the steeper the angle, the more forgiving it will be to a non perfectly parallel surface.

SO because I love the 90 and I demand perfection, I have to surface my workpiece on the cnc, and stain/paint while its still clamped down and then carve the design… if that’s not an option for you, then use a finer angle like the 60 or even a 30… that said you may want to increase the vbit stepover and/or use a 2nd bit for clearing any flat sections that result from thd shallow depth. (like the trees)

You can get some good detail with a 90 as long as the top is perfectly flat…