Vbit in pro sliced up project

So I get some brand new bits in and decide to use a day of easel pro to try out the 90degree v bits.
The rendering in the application looked great.
I used the stock feeds and speeds in easel since I was new to the vbits and it chewed up my project.

That looks to me like a machine tuning issue. Probably several. Go through your v wheels and belts and make sure your machine is square and trammed


Besides for the fact that you need a tuning, check the file as well for extra “ghosts”.

Also looks like your stepover is more than 1%. When using vBits set your stepover to 1%.

We know the answer is not fun and means extra work but it pays off to do it.
And check your carve depth as well.

I don’t mind extra work at all.
Seems I always have issues using easel.
I think I will stick to fusion.
Funny you mention tuning, x axis belt broke after the job. Belts don’t have but like 5 hours tops on them.

Thanks Phil I will look at it. I’m waiting on some new belts to come in. But gives me time to finish this.

there is an x controller under there somewhere.



And if it assumes .50" as the bit size for a vBit preset to 60 or 90 degrees, then 0.50 x .01 = .005" step over. :wink:

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I will I did a other inspection of the belt last night and there is just not much wear at all on them.
I think I’m going to be upgrading my belts to the 9mm made by gates. We used the gates belts on an industrial piece of equipment that traverses a 300in wide sheet of paper in horrible conditions, but runs like a top belts have been on for over 5 years.


The 1/2" or 1/4" distinction is not made clear in Easel. If you choose the 60 or 90 degree selection they show, there’s nothing denoting a size; only if you select ‘other’ as I did in this screen shot. Does the width specify the shaft diameter or the width of the vBit cutting head?

Very good question! I have been wondering the same. I had been using the cutting head as my width.

A or B? Ive seen some measured like B and some like A when purchasing.

Thanks Bill, Phil is actually starting on my belt holders this weekend.

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They don’t really need to since they are selling it from their “tool library”, and there are only 2 options. The other v bit is more for pcb milling/engraving. Maybe they can add all their tools in with pictures? Or allow it to remember presets, WITH KNOWN DEPTHS. I have gone in so deep sometimes as a rookie, I nearly “fixed” the machine.

Thank you!

So after some time I finished installing the new belts and tried again. Much better results.
And the machine was for sure not tuned up properly did some more reasearch and now she purrs like a kitten…thats controlled by a computer…and has a router attached to it…hmmmm…nevermind
!!! But results are better !!!

A is width
B is cutting surface (actually 0.5B x flutes)

A is what you’d use in this case as it’s the limit of surface cutting width
B might be used in some case to calculate max feed rate

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