VCarve 60 degree Vbit parameter

I recently carved a sign with Harrington font using a 25mm 60 degree Vbit. I’ve been finding the centre of the letter is not cutting properly leaving a small bit of scrap. Does anyone have the Vcarve parameters for a 25mm (1 inch) 60 degree Vbit they can share?

Just guessing your issue here, but try slowing down the feed rate or do a second pass at full depth.
For soft woods a stiff nylon brush can be used to remove such debri. For hardwoods try a brass bristle brush.

What are you using for a final pass stepover setting for the bit?

I like to use a setting of 2% or so which seems to produce good results.

Thanks guys have changed to 2% for stepover. But probably more importantly found a small (under magnifying glass) chip on end of bit. Embarrassingly this fixed problem. That’s what we get for getting old and fading eyesight.