Vcarve acrylic question

Attempted my first acrylic sign, and turned out pretty good for a first try… Just wondering why the last pass it made odd carves along the edges… And the curves of the letters… Why?

Everything was smooth until the last path, then it started jutting out every once in a while… I understood places like the top and bottom of the letters to give it an engraved look… But the edges of the feathers confused me

I had also selected the vcarve/engraving toolpath. I want to try a pocket path to see what that does, but good call on the node editing, I’ll have to give that a look before I try it again. Thanks!

Well, using the same design, same bit, just switching from a vcarve/engraving path to a pocket toolpath, I got a much better end result… no extra cuts along the sides…


Thanks. Still could use some “fit and finish” so to speak, but I agree, I’m happy with the result. Now to design some sort of base for it…