VCarve bit digging holes

I’m seriously frustrated beyond reason. I’m using the latest version of VCarve pro and G code sender 1.0.9 on my Xcarve. The problem I’m having is that any time I send a file that is for the V bit it gets two or three letters into the design and just buries a hole in the word totally at random. I’ve even tried the Goodle G code sender with the same results. I know that my zeroing, and depth are correct because the first few letters are correct. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Have you looked at the code in a text editor to see what the lowest z depth is. You can do a search for “Z-” in the file.

If there are no large negative z values then you will know the problem is not software. That would mean it is a hardware issue. Either you are missing steps on the Z axis ot the Z pulley or belt is slipping.

The most likely issue is that you are missing steps on Z. This can be caused by the Z Pot on the grbl board not being set correctly (Z motor is not getting enough voltage) or the Z axis is binding at some point on the screw. If you remove the belt from the Z screw pulley and turn the screw by hand all the way up and down you will quickly discover if it is binding.

Once you find the source of the binding/slipping I suggest you get a can of PTFE dry spar lube to keep the Z screw nice and slippery.

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I am sure you have likely done this already but just in case. (since I once had a similar issue) If your cutting deep or pushing the bit (either too fast or too deep) all kinds of things can happen so be sure to take conservative passes to be sure its a code issue and not the machine or settings. Be sure your v-wheels are snug and the ectcentric nuts are tight. That was my issue. I was pushing the limits of depth and speed and just one wheel was slightly loose causing my bit to plunge just like yours right in the middle of a cut. You could keep from damaging any more wood, etc., by removing the bit and just watching the spindle during a "mock carve to see if it is diving without a bit. If it is it is definitely a code issue in V-carve or UGCS. Good luck !

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Thanks so much for the replies. After looking at the code I am guessing it’s software.
GO XO YO Z0.25
GO XO YO Z0.35
GO XO YO Z1.35
GO XO YO Z2.35
GO XO YO Z3.35
Continues to
GO XO YO Z30.35

I haven’t gotten into the code stuff much but am guessing that 30.35 is a little deep for a cut. Crazy thing is that this only happens when converting to Gcode with the Vcarve mode in Vcarve Pro. Its either that or I’m not holding my tongue right when I push the enter key. LOL

Those are positive z values so they are all above the work surface. The top of the work should be z0 to move the bit down into the work you need a negative z value

Thank you so much Allen for the reply. I will CK the rest of the code. Again thank you for the quick response.