VCarve corner detail

Hi Fellow Makers,

I’ve been vcarving for a few years successfully now and with of the help of this forum, resolving issues past issues, however this one has me stumped.

I’m using a Dewalt 611, 60 degree V-bit with Easel Pro’s recommended feeds / speeds and X-Controller. Step over - 40%. V-bit detail step over - 1%.

Issue is the corner detail is now being turned into a fish tail rather than a crisp 90, the last little detail the X-controller adds before usually moving on to next. My thoughts are that it might be a SVG code issue as the XCarve is dialed in and this has only started happening quite recently.

Please view attached photos of how it used to carve to today’s fish tail result for reference. If anyone experienced this before that has found a solution, please share. Suggestions of how to fix would also be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,
Ryan - AUS


Vbit described as 60 degree but when measured against protractor it’s really 49 degrees.

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