VCarve depth problems

My XCarve is having problems. It’s won’t cut to a uniform depth. In the attached picture you can see that the “un” cut really deep, and the “til” barley cut at all. And in one of the other tests passes (the top phrase that is deep and upside down) it cut fairly uniform until it got the the last two words and they are a bit shallower. I have lowered the Z axis. And squared the X gantry. The Y axis is out maybe a 1/4” from being perfectly square. But I didn’t think that would be the issue. I thought maybe my spoil board was warped but that wouldn’t explain the “un” and “til” because they are less than an 1/8th inch apart. I have a pre21 machine with all the upgrades.

I have the exact same issue with anything cut with a v-bit. Board is flat and was surfaced with the x-carve before beginning. Left side is good, right side carves above the board. I’ve tried different b-bits and different depths. I switched out graphics from the easel site and it still does the same thing. End mill cuts are fine.

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You might want to just double check that the Z axis assembly isn’t mounted too high.

Mine is already set to where my shortest bit reaches the waste board.

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I moved the z axis down to match what was shown in the video and it is better, however, I tried the same carve again this morning on a piece of birch plywood. Carve depth is set to .05” but it measures .11 on the left and .035 on the right across a 12” sign.

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The workpiece doesn’t look too have been surfaced using the cnc.
You will want to do that first. Or shim if into parallel if possible… Use this trick to FIX uneven carve depths on your CNC router - YouTube

I believe mine is fixed. The nut on the back of the router plate that connects to the Z screw was loose. I also resurfaced my spoil board because it had a warp in it.

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