Vcarve depth question

I was wondering if while setting a v carve tool path how to I lessen the total depth of the carve? The only options I see is start depth and flat depth. And I’m talking about total depth not depth of cut per pass or anything.

Go to the modeling tab. There is an icon to adjust the height of the carving model.

The flat depth is the total tool depth for a v-carving toolpath.


But if i want a really fine V to get detail in small letters and not carve out the captive parts of letters like “e” or “p” do i just make the line I’m carving thinner in the design.

I’m worried that little part of the e will break off from carving or sanding. Any way to not carve so deep

I still want the v shape tho. if i change the flat depth it doesn’t carve as deep into the material so i have angled edges but flat in the middle. Is there a centerline v carve option so i can carve the middle of the vector and not fill the whole shape. I can’t find anything.

Or as you mentioned above, the thinner the area you are v carving, the thinner the width of the carve will be. So as an example a super wide or bold font, would cut wider than a thin font. if the font is only 1/8" wide, that is as wide as the vcarve will be (whether it reaches flat bottom depth or not)

If the font is thin, you will likely not reach the flat bottom (unless it is really shallow) with a 60 degree bit. The wider the bit angle, the more shallow it will cut making it harder to reach flat bottom

I made a diagram that hopefully helps, you will see, whichever bit you use:

  • the thinner the letter, the thinner the cut
  • the larger the angle, the more shallow the cut
  • if there is a flat depth, the width of the cut (at the top) will still be the same, however, it will stop it from going full depth if applicable

Thanks for all the responses. I test cut the design in pine worked great. I am more curious about other options when using vcarve. The first hobby cnc i had, had a option to split the difference of the thickness of the vector so for a letter it would be in the center of the letter. and then you could set a depth so it wouldn’t fill in the whole letter just follow that centerline.

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It was proprietary to the machine which also sucks because the forum for that machine is filled with 10s of thousands of free stls ready to carve just in the machines native format.

Convert the text to curves
Use a profile toolpath with the on line instead on inside or outside option

Thanks I’ve been playing around with that. Some interesting results.

Wasteboard being flat isn’t as important as your workpiece being flat and perpendicular to your Z. It’s wood, so unless you face it before you carve, you’ll have variations. You could also use an autoleveling probe.

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Personally, I think that for wood carvings you can get away with just facing the the workpiece. As long as your work surface is flat and parallel to your x and y (it will be after you face unless you have a mechanical issue), you can carve those small details.