VCarve Desktop to Easel

Good afternoon everyone, new Easel user here. We have two CNC’s, the new one (Boxzy) recommends using Easel, we use VCarve Desktop for our other machine. So we decide to export files from VCarve to Easel. If I use the “save toolpath” option in VCarve (using the Easel PP), I cannot generate the gcode. However, if export the VCarve file as a SVG, import into Easel, everything seems to work fine. I am “assuming” since one method works and the other does not I am doing it correctly? Thoughts?

Phil that is what I was trying to do. I save the toolpaths from VCarve Desktop using the Easel PP, then imported into Easel. Everything is there, but cannot select or do anything with the tool paths. What I ended up doing is exported out of VCarve as a SVG, importing that into Easel, adjusting the toolpaths and generating the gcode.

So are you using a direct connection to your CNC?

Robert, I am using a boxzy, so I have to generate the gcode so I can open in the Boxzy interface. Believe the right answer is to not use Easel and figure out how to export a file that boxzy can take.

I may have found a PP that will work. The Boxzy interface only takes gcode, so that is where I have been struggling is getting something I design from VCarve into a file that Boxzy can understand. Found a way to do it going through Easel, but was trying to simplify the process, which like you said will be using a PP that works with the Boxzy. I actually loaded the Easel PP for Vectric, but that did not work.

LOL Robert that is my post on the Shark Forum! We tried one of the processors (the generic) and found they did not really work. I am going to try the Thermwood one and see how it works.
Appreciate all the help!

Did you have the toolpath boxs checked?

Good question, I will double check that.
Thank you

It seems like an “open source” project, the users create a lot of materials, guides etc. One of the users is the one who gave me the Thermwood PP approach. It is almost they tossed it out on the market and let “us” users figure out. Having said that, I think it is a great machine, lot’s of flexibility.