VCarve Desktop v9.010 - Letter sizing issues?

I noticed that when I created a 4" letter it was actually quite smaller. Same with a 6" letter. The 4" letters when measured were actually 3 inches and the 6" letters were a little over 4". Has anyone else noticed this? Is this a known issue with the new version? It seems pointless to have the ability to create sizes if the software doesn’t create the size you set.

How do I check that? I am using, Curlz MT, a standard windows font in Word.

Every font is different and can be sized differently. I have fonts that will exceed the boundary because of their style. Just the way fonts work (and part of the beauty of fonts, unique stylings).

If you convert them to curves, it should give you a much tighter aligned bounding box and there you can fine tune the sizing. You can’t change the actual text but can scale the size.

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To expand on @JustinBusby’s excellent answer — typefaces are designed on an “em square”, which is typically 1000 x 1000 units (for PostScript fonts, some power of 2 for most TrueType), and it is that scaled em square which a font’s characters are set into.