VCarve download?

Hi everyone,
I just ordered my X Carve and VCarve software packaged with it.
How long before I’ll get a download link and license for the software? I’ve been using it on two computers and can only open my files on the one I created them on


My licence information arrived in about a mnute

Wow, that’s awesome
Unfortunately looks like I’m not so lucky. Hopefully it’ll come in tomorrow. Thanks for the reply

In my case I received a email confirming my order as soon as I hit submit with the payment info.
This email had the subject: "Your Order: VCarve Desktop "

Then almost exactly one minute later I received an email with the subject:“Portal Registration”
that second email contained the link to activate my account. After I clicked on the registration link and registered I received another email in about 2 minutes.

The last email had the subject: “Your VCarve Desktop Purchase” this email contained the download link and my product registration code that needs to be entered into Vcarve.

Check your spam folder to see if any of those email arrived, it really should not take more than a few minutes after you pay to get it working.

That’s so weird, I’ve checked my spam and trash but no link.
Maybe it’s because I ordered on a weekend…
I’ll wait until tomorrow and email support if nothing comes through.

Thanks again!

I ordered last week and did not receive any emails relating to vcarve._

I ordered my machine along with vectric desktop on 10/4
I haven’t heard anything yet.

I did call Inventables
They said that a physical disc will ship with the machine.

Thanks for the replies :slight_smile:

After you install the disc be sure you have all the 3D Clipart that comes with the program.

you can still use it as a trial period. That is what I did. I think they are probably on holiday.I took about a week

I ordered my copy of VCarve Pro a few days ago, i received it fine, it installed fine. Then i tried the look for upgrade option. Apparently Vectric released version 8.5 of VCarve Pro. But you need to go through Vectrics Portal. But with out an ID and Password you can’t enter to download the upgrade.

The way I understand how it works is (if ordered from Vectric). You buy the product directly from Vectric, they then send you a special webpage link where you can create a user id and password.

Vectric don’t say what has to be done specifically when ordering the product from a 3rd party.

So does everyone here have a user id on their product being “Inventables OEM somethingsomethingsomething”

This is unusual, usually you install the software, enter the CD key, then it gathers “Who You Are” info and/or allows you to set up an account if applicable.

Of course I totaly forgot about this thread. All is resolved, 24 hours later when i fired up the program again it then popped up with the Registration window where she was then allowed to register the software in my name. So I’m now upgraded on vcpro to 8.5.

As a side note, i was tracking down the location to put in the x-carve postprocessors. And whaaat? There was already an x-carve PostP in inches and millimeters. There was a diff in size the inventables was a bit bigger. Ok it’s early in the am for me so i might be wrong.

Also im building versin 2.0 of the x-carve. And as i found out the support from Inventables IS everything a person could ask for and more. I’m in iowa and it’s friggin cold here right now, and using my torpedo kerosene heater is a bit harsh on the eyes. So right now I’m still trying to identify what i did wrong since when the gantry is rolled all the way to the front, the right side touches the support and the left side has a gap if say half inch, when gantry rolled all the way to the rear the right side has the gap and the leftside touches the support. So somehow i have something racked.

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Yea, I kinda figured I ended up making a parallelogram. Fortunately due to the design all i have to do is disconnect the side supports snd lift off the X and Y as one piece, then redo the base by itself. I had watched The New Britt workshop video and realized I shouldn’t have any variation between right or left side, at least not much of one. Which is why I’ve hesitated to fire it up. That and i had to wait for a replacement belt, I snapped one if the Y belts likely due to me not waiting for the workshop to warm up enough, that and perhaps a bit of over torqueing.

How long have you had your x-carve?
I intend to use V-Carve Pro and G Code Sender. Because my workshop is way far away from my wifi.

I forgot to add:
When originally building the base i did the center one first then laid out the top/bottom and left/right side with the screws prestarted into the nuts. What i did notice was when i placed the top, bottom left and right onto the board the sides didn’t touch the bottom almost like they were a couple mm to short…, so in my infinite wisdom i used the corner brackets to suck it all together.

Do you think it wouldn’t hurt to extend the slots for the waste board to go in a bit deeper/elongate the slots a bit more?

This machine isn’t cheap and I’d rather take a long time getting it as close to perfect as possible.

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I’ll have a pict in a day or 2, heading out tomorrow for more kerosene for the shop heater, then I’ll draw on the board where/how I’m planning on extending the waste board screwdown slots.

This is what really threw me in the assembly. Center rail went on fine. I preloaded the 4 sides with their nuts and screws, then when i was putting it together i found that the center/right/left wouldnt reach to the front and back pieces, even with the screws pulled tightly against the board. So i was using the angle brackets to snug them together.

So… my thoughts are, extend the screw tie down slots. True up the base, after that, not sure if i should put the XY rails/supports next, true them up, then drop in the wasteboard.

Also thinking of shaving off an 1/8 in or so off all sides. Thats a big maybe, jury is out on that.

Right now all the screws around the baseboard are loosened, as well as the angle brackets on the right/left side 20mm sopports. The 2 center ones ate mostly tight.

I’ll contact you tomorrow or later through here with more info.


When I was building the base, the picture showed everything touching. Sooo, i was sure that the base rails not touching was all my fault. And i was using the gussets to try and draw everything together.

So it looks like I’m going out on sunday to get fuel for the torpedo heater. Then I’ll start pulling off the gantry and Y rails and Y supports and the wasteboard. From there I’ll loosen up the gussets, then check for square.

To me, no matter what, it seems that the vertical supports for the Y rails need to be tight against the front and back base rails (20mm ones).

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Thanks Phil, I’ve thought the gaps were something I did. But after almost a dozen going back an forth with you I’m seeing the light. After all I only need to be hit in the head a hundred times before i learn. Once i get it a part I’ll be able to see if i messed up those support rails or not. With luck I didn’t twist them too much. Once i get the base rails square it shouldn’t take long to reassemble everything else, meanwhile making sure the amount of travel the X axis does on the Y rails is even, Well Sunday I’ll know for sure.

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Well there is happiness in LaLa Land. I loosened up everything, then as I was checking my bottom rails I realized I hadn’t tightened up the Y axis V wheels. Talk about feeling like a fool. I did a test cut of Chinese dragon. Turned out like crap. But i was expecting it to. The image was small and I hadn’t cleaned up the vectors much. And to cut down on the time (using a tether to my phone I’m outside of my wifi range). I still need to check the steps per mm in the grbl setup for all 3 axis. The debugging at leadt i can do as I feel like it. Especially since the big big box stores are running out of kerosene.

At least I now know it runs.

P.s uploaded the cut to youtube under my name.


I think maybe I am set. As I was tightening up the V wheels I noticed the X axis coming square to the Y axis. When I did the easel homeing test. I couldn’t see any difference in the Y axis’s. Of course my batt died on my calipers so I couldn’t get a difinitive proof that everything was true. It “LOOKS” right. At least its not as out of true like it was, it was so obvious you could see it from across the shop. When one side touches and the other side is about 1/2in short. Being winter and having to use kerosene to heat the shop I think its good enough for now.

By the way thanks for keeping me out of panic mode.


Where at in Iowa? Any other Iowa carvers out there?