VCarve issue


I know that this is not an XCarve or Easel problem, but am wondering if you can help anyway.

Was running some carves this morning and was getting very strange results - not carving what I had drawn.

Anyway, troubleshooting seems to point to VCarve. I am doing some keyrings and the process drills the holes first and then profiles. When the problem started to occur, I separated the holes and the profile into 2 different files. On import to Easel, I would see the profile toolpaths in the holes file.

When I check the files in an editor they are exactly the same!! I have restarted VCarve and the PC with no change.

I have attached a screencast here so that you can see what I am saying.

Has anyone experienced anything like this?

Yes, PP is Easel.

I have been carving all week and all was good until today.


Hi @PhilJohnson,

If you watch the screencast, you will see that the preview shows exactly what I expect, but the gcode generated is not.

I just started a new file and the same thing happened. If I delete the profile toolpath, then I can generate the drill toolpath fine. But once I recreate the profile toolpath, the drill toolpath is generated with the gcode for the profile.

Most perplexing!! May be 100% human error, but I cannot see where I am going wrong!!


Found out the problem. Turns out that even though I was ticking the box for the drill toolpath, I had the profile toolpath highlighted!! I did not realise that the highlighting took preference over the tick in the box (makes no sense to me) but hey.

Thanks to Adrian over at the Vectric forum for pointing me in the right direction.

Thought that my PC/VCarve was going bonkers on me!!!


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