VCarve not cutting random letters

Ok, so I am trying to cut out just a basic street name sign using VCarve, and for some reason when you preview the toolpath it decides to not carve one of the letters. Im using the V-Carve/Engraving toolpath with a vbit and and endmill to clear the flat areas. All the other letters are fine, it just chooses to not cut one. Anyone else have this happen?

any chance that you can share the .crv file so I can take a look?

Let me know if this works. Cherry Trail v2.crv (1.2 MB)

Oh, by the way. Ive only been using this software for a little while. Sorry in advance.

ahh crap you have vcarve v9?

I am still on vcarve pro v8.5 I cannot open it :frowning:

these guys are going to force me to pay 175 bucks to upgrade to v9 for double sided carving when I can already do that in v8.5 lol

Well that’s unfortunate.

So I change it to Cherry Lane and it works fine.

yeah unless you are able to save the file for a slightly older version of vcarve I will not be able to open it

sorry man

way to go Vectric!!

lol thats werid there has to be something wrong with the r

make sure that the r is a closed vector loop

did you convert the text to curves?

Not that I know of. I just clicked the draw text operation and it usually works. Honestly I don’t know what the text to curves does…

Ok, so I managed to ungroup the letters, and move the T over to the left more. Recalculated the toolpaths and it works.

oooohhh okay yeah it was the spacing of the letters that was causing the problem lol

I am glad that you figured it out

Apparently, I’ve never had to move the letters before. Just always assumed it would space them as needed. Like I said, I’m new to this program. Thanks for the help.

oh yeah no problem there is a name for that its actually called kerning lol took me awhile to learn that term

Use the “Edit Text Spacing and Curve” tool. Select the text, click the Tool, hold SHIFT and click between the letters. Keeps it as text and adjusts the spacing.