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VCarve or Easel Pro Or Fusion 360?

Hey y’all ! I have been reading a lot and just wanted some more clarification. If I wanted to make 2.5d signs and or 3D signs should I get V carve or fusion 360 ?

I am working on learning v carve and using it for my 2.5d files and it seems to me to be a lot eaisier to learn then fusion. Cost a lot more. You can download a trial version of v carve if you want to check it out.


It depends if you want to design from scratch or use existing files and modify the files. To design from scratch you need Aspire or Fusion 360.

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I use V-Carve Desktop. I find it easier to use for most of the things that I do. It is not software for designing 3D projects but it will cut them out. Fusion is good for creating the 3D designs, but I never really mastered its G-Code creation, although Fusion can create more sophisticated tool paths like “adaptive clearing”.

I have used Easel, but not Easel Pro. Easel and Easel Pro are not really suited to doing 3D work, although you can create 3D tool paths with other software, import the G-Code into Easel and cut the project out using your X-Carve.

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Thank you @WayneHall

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