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VCarve Pro question

Happy holidays everyone. Santa brought me VCarve Pro for Christmas. Besides the Vectric tutorials on YouTube, does anyone have any suggestions for a good YouTube channel for learning the basics? Found a channel called “Shop Class”. Videos are great but are from 2015. Thanks in advance.

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I have been watching the tutorials that come with the package. Learn some then i have to go back and learn it again but i am slowly gaining.

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Mark Lindsay has a lot of good content related to V Carve.

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Come over and visit my channel. I upgraded to VCarve Pro and will be doing many videos. I’m having a lot of fun with it.


Thanks guys. Phil, I am subscribed. I leaned A LOT of things from you in the last 2 years. Don’t think there’s a single video of yours I have not watched. Looking forward to more. Thanks.

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Did you try the Laser module Phil?

I too am excited for your vcarve videos

I’ve watched 17 YouTube videos this weekend (so far). A “Vectric For Absolute Beginners” series by Mark Lindsay CNC. I am FLOORED by the abilities of VCarve.

So I’m about to dive into the deep end of the pool without my arm floaties on. Just finished my first design in VCarve and downloaded the Easel files. I made 5 separate toolpath files until I get comfortable, even though I’m only using 2 bits. I know once I open the gcode file in Easel I can not make any changes. Will I still be able to adjust the feedrate at the top of the Easel console mid carve?

Yes, but if you’re upgrading to Vcarve, why bother with Easel?
I’d recommend CNCjs to control your machine.

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Fear of taking on too much new stuff at once? HAHAH. What’s involved in that?

Dave i have been playing with Vetrics for about a week now and drew up a file with 2 bits. Simple 3d file. I saved the gcode and loaded it into picsender and ran it there. Somewhere down the road i am going to checkout cncjs as Neil recomends but like you i have to much going on in my head right now to work on that to. I was a bit worried so i ran an air carve first to be sure i did it right. Seemed to work alright so i got a piece of scrap and let her rip. Actually turned out real good and i wished i had used a better piece of wood. We are all learning and there is plenty of help out here if needed.

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So I have 3 tool paths. The first one imported and ran flawlessly. The last 2 are giving me error codes, and I don’t know enough about g-code to know what this means:

Invalid G-code

Line 10: G3X11.8461Y24.3196I0.0000J-0.3313F40.0 The file contains invalid G-code syntax.

The other:

Invalid G-code

Line 1790: G2X13.0119Y0.1732I-0.1689J0.0240 The file contains invalid G-code syntax.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

@DaveManning Still importing into Easel?

G2 and G3 are arc commands. Easel doesn’t do arcs. Either switch post processors or bite the bullet and move on from Easel.

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UGH. Thanks Neil.

Useful channel actually. Thank you