*vcarve pro question

with the message there; what/where do i adjust for the max. tool depth reduced to 0.300"?

You have a v bit selected. With all that blue in your toolpath, you will want to check the flat bottom clearance and use an appropriate endmill to mill all the big areas. When you check that box it will ask you the depth you want to mill

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very good explanation… I wish I you would of posted this about a year ago. lol It would have saved me many headaches! lol

thanx y’all i’ll start working on it and get back here for more questions.

is this a good setting for the flat area clearance and for the end mill bit?

i still carved through it with the settings above.

i like it this way then on the entire shirt just 0.06" carved with the end mill or vbit.

i tried but it still carved the shirt all way.
i might have done it wrong; is that in the flat area clearance?

i did and it still carved out the entire shirt in the preview all tool paths.

I am trying to learn vcarve by watching all the tutorials on the trial version and YouTube. I plan on bring the file into easel to carve. Not ready to tackle UGC. My question is do I still use the probe in easel to set the z height or do I have to match the setting in vcarve. Really don’t want to kill the machine. I have not seen this answered anywhere in the forum either. Thanks

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In the tool path section I see the xy origin. That make sense. There is a z height also. In the tutorials they put in usually .5. Do I leave this at zero and use probe?

I am planning to try a carve this afternoon. I probably will use foam to avoid killing the machine. Thanks for you help. I think I have everything basically figured out. Got to admit setting up the post processor part was not easy to get right

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The way I understand these settings is that in the top box you choose if you want your z zero on top of your material or on top of your wasteboard. Clearance (Z1) and Plunge (Z2) is the travel of your z-axis how far it raises before it moves to the next location to plunge into your material again. Mine are set to 0.2 . Before I tried 1.0 and the carve took forever because of the slow z-axis. In the bottom box where it says Home/Start Position is the safe-Z, setting this to 1 or 1.5 will clear all your clamps and returns to X0 Y0 while z starts and stops at the height you entered

Thanks Phil, I guess I wasn’t clear enough. I just edited my post