VCarve Pro SVG import issue

So i searched for this but didn’t find an answer.

The problem I am having is if I draw up a project in vcarve and export it as an SVG nothing lines up or is set right in Easel when I open the file. Example if I do an “S” at 1"x1" on a 5" X 5" work area with a depth of .02" vcarve when i import it the depth of the cut will be equal to the depth of the piece and it will be set at the lower left hand corner of the work area that is also now a completely different size.

I dont know if I just hit carve if it will actually run the correct code or if what I see in easel is what it is going to do and drive the bit through to the waste board.

I have tried several different ways and files but each time i am getting the same results. anyone run into this?

I guess I have to ask. Why are you trying to transfer it to Easel via .SVG. Why not just output the G-code from VC Pro and send it to your machine?

Okay should have added that I am a newbie as well LOL but I was under the impression that you could create something in vcarve btu to actually send it to the machine you had to use another program. I.E. UGS, or import it to easel as a SVG to run. I would LOVE to be able to send it directly from v-Carve but I have not run across the proper information on how exactly to do that. Plus searching these forums there have been so many changes to the x carve that information is kind of all over the place and might not apply to my current setup

There are many G-code senders.


many others.

Also I would like to point out that I don’t actually have the option to export gcode directly from v carve it is not an option. I have SVG, DXF, AI, PDF and EPS. So any help would be greatly appreciated

Unfortunately, the X-carve is not one of the machines that is supported by Vectric, for direct sending.

I have read some troubling things about UGS, do you have any experience with the other two and would you suggest one over the other?

:cry: kind of wish they would put a disclaimer on there when you are building the machine. Never crossed my mind that something that they offered wouldn’t actually interface directly with it and that you would have to get additional software to make it work

No, not an option, an ingrained feature of the program. You don’t export it. You generate a toolpath and save that to disk.

What’s the best is an opinion, we all have one. The one that I use that is the least hassle with the best support is PicSender, but it will cost you $25 for a license. You can download a trial version to check it out.

When was the last time you bought a new car that came with a full tank of gas? :joy:

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Last year LOL made them wash it too before I went to pick it up.

I was just checking out pic sender and I don’t have a problem paying the $25 just don’t want to pay for something that is going to be more trouble than it is worth. But if you have been using it for a while and haven’t had a problem then it is something worth checking out.

Thanks, I am working my way through the tutorials and have been working on creating/trying new things in vCarve the last few days (love it) then it occurred to me that I had not tried to send any of those to the machine yet. That is when i realized because I can’t (dang it) so started trying to research the best way to do it and noticed that easel screwed up all of the designs that I tried to export to it

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agreed I have been designing in v-carve What i attempted to do was export FROM v Carve TO Easel.

That is where things got messed up. I am attempting to get PicSender set up now (demo) to see how I like that and how well that works.

Have noticed that there isn’t an option to export G code explicitly from V Carve like there is to import g code into V Carve

Here is where the tutorials really come in handy. They will take you all the way through a project and you can find the places you need to setup/change things.

When you select an appropriate post processor you can write out the G-code to a file on your computer.

That is fair. I was hoping to get this project I have been working on something for the wife so guess I got ahead of myself.

Thanks for the help gentleman

everytime actually lol


Forgot that I said I would post what i was working on. Think it turned out fairly well but wish I had made the top line a little deeper

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