Vcarve Pro to Easel

Ok, I’m new and although not computer illiterate, definitely not great at it… Easel works fine but I’m trying to do some stuff in Vcarve Pro and I’m having trouble importing from/exporting to (Vcarve to Easel) I d-loaded the latest PP from Inventables and when I open up the right file in Vcarve it’s there (along with 2 from Vectric, one for Easel mm and one for easel in). Could someone explain in simple terms what I’m doing wrong? Thanks

Create a folder called : Post

Place the: Ventrc-Easle.pp file in the “Post” folder.

In VCarve go to the toolpaths tab. At the bottom right is a icon called: Save Toolpath - select it.

In that tab there is a drop down called: Post processor. Mine is set to V-Carve (inch) (*.gcode)

Highlight the tool path you created and select Save Toolpath(s), search for the Post folder and save your Toolpath in that folder.

Go to easle and select File - Import g-code. Browse and find the Post folder. Select your Toolpath in that folder. Easle should now show a picture of what the Toolpath will carve. Follow the prompts.

Hope that was help.

Worked perfectly, I never noticed the save toolpath function, I only looked under the Toolpath pull down and saw “install post processor”
Very much appreciated guys!!
Thanks again.