VCarve Pro users - limitations of this software in relation to 3d carving

I’ve been using VCarve Pro now for a few weeks, I feel like I’ve got a decent grasp on the software, but I do notice some clear limitations when it comes to more complex 3d carving. Is this simply an as-designed limitation by Vectric? It seems that Aspire is their full 3d carving platform. Outside of the canned model imports, does Vcarve have the ability to create 3d profiles or contours and the like, or am I just missing it?

Yes, Aspire is the real 3D model creation software from Vectric. However they have added some really nice 3D features to Vcarve 8.5.

Take a serious look at the moulding toolpath. It is a two rail sweep function that can be used to create a lot of 3D shapes. The Fluting toolpath is also a great 3D tool.

Carving side is the same as Aspire, you can increase screen resulation to very high on the lower left screen, also you can decrease stepover down as much as you need on toolpath. Gives crystal clear result if you don’t rush it. Other than that you can’t create 3D objects. All you can do is maulding and two rail sweep like @AllenMassey says.

Thanks Allens!