VCarve Pro version

I am thinking about buying VCarve Pro, but because it cost so much I was wondering when (approximately) it was last updated.

It’s so expensive that I just don’t want to spend 6-700 dollars, and then they come out with a newer version.


This is good news…

Not trying to crash a thread but you could try artcam it is a monthly sub $45. It seems many are not too fond of it but i like it. I know $45 a month adds up but I find it easier to pay when i am using it and unsub the months i am not and a plus side it is always up to date.

Right now Autodesk is offering a one year subscription for Artcam Standard which has the same feature set as Aspire for $180 ($15/month)

They will also let you download it for 30 days free


Does Artcam Standard offer the same feature set as VCarve?

I personally like Vcarve Pro over any other software. It is powerful and easy.
It’s been three years and still downloading updates with no issues.
Last update I downloaded was about a month ago or so.
Besides, best of all, when you licenced, your all software and updates including cliparts and gadgets stays in your account. You don’t need your DVD anymore.
My 3 desktops and one laptop have it. You can download and install over and over again.

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It does seem like a nice program. Biggest issue I see with Artcam is that it appears to be subscription based. As a general rule I don’t like to support any subscription based program, no matter what vendor it’s from. Subscription based programs are a big turn off for me. They are more geared for the manufactures benefit. I was able to watch one tutorial for Vcarve Pro and it seems easy to use. Reminded me of a basic text editor. I have some time to decide, but whatever program I do go with I will probably be dedicated to forever, so it’s no small decision.

The Artcam standard edition offers 2D and 3D design features plus very nice 2D and 3D toolpath features. So it is better to compare it with Vectic Aspire since both are full 2D and 3D packages.

I own Vcarve and like it a lot, the user interface is amazingly good and the Vcarve features are excellent. I have used the 30 day free trial for ArtCam Standard and it is also an impressive tool.
The user interface is different than Vcarve, so it took me some time to figure it out. I would say that ArtCam has a slightly steeper learning curve than Vcarve, but in exchange you get a lot more control over the design and toolpath.

For the money, I would say that with the 50% discount that AutoCad is offering now for the one year subscription ($15/month) ArtCam is definitely the better value considering that you would need to pay about $2,000 for Aspire. Even comparing the cost of ArtCam to Vcarve, which is not really fair since ArtCam has many, many more features (including 3D) but for $180 you can use ArtCam for a year versus $700 for Vcarve Pro which you can own forever but will need to purchase again in 3 or four years to get the latest version.

I do not regret my purchase of Vcarve at all, it is really excellent software. But if ArtCam had been available at this price three years ago I probably would have purchased ArtCam.

Watch some of the ArtCam tutorial videos and see what you think, then download the 30 trial for ArtCam Standard.

Well the issue for me is that V-Carve Pro is $525, since I can buy it when I buy the X-Carve. In fact I was going to order my X-Carve this week, but I can’t because Inventables doesn’t give you a grace period to purchase the software at a discount, so now I have to wait until I can save up the $525 for the software too. The $180 offer is very tempting, as I would be able to then order the X-Carve today, and then have both ArtCam and X-Carve, BUT the problem is that in a year I’d be forced to pay the standard subscription price of ArtCam (which would add up to be $1800 if you figure a minimum of 5 years of using their program). If ArtCam wasn’t subscription based then I would definitely go that route, as I do like AutoDesk software. For me it’s looking like I’d actually save more money by getting the Vcarve Pro for $525, but you’ve given me a lot to think about. Thank you.

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The discounted price of $180 for the 1-year subscription to Autodesk ArtCAM Standard runs thru July 31st. Not guaranteed, but you might score up to 10% cashback from Topcashback if you buy the subscription through them too:

You can download the free 30-day trial version of Autodesk ArtCAM Standard from here: