Vcarve pro wide flutes

Does anyone know if it is possible to create wide flutes similar to those in the photo using vcarve pro?

In 2D yes.
I really don’t know what I’m looking at, but if it is a 3D object, then the answer is no.
You should really go to the Vectric forum for questions about their software.
That is where the Vectric experts hang out.

Thanks for the reply. Waiting for Vetric to update my password, thought I would try here. So far sounds like I might need a 3D file generator. Might have to learn Fusion 360 or other.

In Vcarve Pro you can only import 3D models and make minor adjustments to them.
But you cannot do 3D modeling.
I use Desktop and its the same.
You can only do full modeling in aspire.

Maybe try a mouldings toolpath in. V Carve.