VCarve STL Limit

Be advised, I just discovered that VCarve Pro has the limit of importing only one STL file per project.

This came as a unpleasant surprise to me when I went to do a new project today. :frowning:

So if you plan on buy 3D clip art make sure to get it in the V3M format.

Footnote: Aspire does allow more than one stl model, I tested it with the demo version.

I noticed that as well. It’s weird you can use as many V3Ms as you want but only one STL. Aspire also has tons more free clip art. I wish it wasn’t another FOURTEEN HUNDRED DOLLARS!

Still, I am saving up for it.

Am a so annoyed by it, as it suspect is done to lock you into their proprietary format.
I wonder how that may change as more and more open source makers get into the world of CNC?

Unfortunately their product /is/ very good at what it does and there is yet to be a open source alternative.

I would not be as irritated by it if they offered upgrade pricing. But throwing away my $700 program to “Upgrade” to a $1400 program just irks me. Especially when it is effectively the same program with more features unlocked.
Had I realized this going into it I might not have gotten VCarve at all. Opting to save up for Aspire instead.

As it is I will probably be looking a MeshCAM first as I was planning on getting that for metal carving anyway.
Maybe I will be able to use that to edit and combine multiple STL files for use in VCarve projects.

Unless someone knows of a way to convert STL files to V3M other than using Aspire.

Funny - I’ve been experimenting for the last couple of days with MeshCam. It takes a LONG time to export that STL from Mechcam. I had a 3D Turtle that took almost an hour. And THEN it wasn’t what I needed upon import so you have to start the process all over again. Maybe we should get a group of us to send a joint e-mail to see about a “multiple V-Carve Upgrade Group License” for the burgeoning X-Carve Community? Worth starting a thread?