Vcarve tips

If you click the YouTube icon on my previous post it will take you to a playlist of V9 feature videos.

You could also right click the image and select “Copy video URL”, then open a browser and paste the URL and go to that page in YouTube.

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The new features look great, but I like the new toolbar at the top more ! Being able to change the layer without needing to open the left side drawing window would be great. I hope I can manage what tools are displayed on the toolbar.

Here is an early review of Aspire 9.0, but it looks like a lot of what is new in Aspire is also in Vcarve (like the top toolbar) This video describes the new Aspire features and explains the new toolbar

Thanks for explanation Allen. Let’s wait to see. If upgrade doesn’t cost arms and legs, I would like to keep it up to date.

I was not able to find any cost history for Vcarve Desktop upgrades. I did see that Vectric charged $175 to upgrade Vcarve Pro from an older version to the new version. So I would assume that the Desktop upgrade cost would be less than $175.

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It was announced more than a year since my upgrade to 8.5…:cry:

The tip I post earlier in this thread about opening a new movable window with the toolpaths no longer seems to work in version 9 :frowning:

Why would they remove that helpful little button in the bottom right of the screen?
There is still room for it.

Just grab the top of the toolpath panel where the title is “Toolpath” and you can still move it around.

That appears to move the entire right side “Toolpaths” menu. I just want to be able to expand and move the list of the actual toolpaths list created for the project (the little Toolpaths window at the bottom).

When there are lots of toolpaths the pop out window made it much easier when saving them (when you need to look for toolpaths sharing the same tool).

Now when you click the “Save Toolpaths” button, the list of toolpaths at the bottom is so small it will only show two toolpaths (with scroll bar on the right)

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It does appear to be missing…

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has anyone the option of “clearing a large area” when running 3D tool paths?

The rouging pass is used to clear the majority of the material, then the detail pass cleans it up.

Thank you.
I just found it.
its in under the pocket cutting tab.
I don’t know what I was thinking…

The latest update to Vcarve version 9 (version 9.009) has fixed the toolpath pullout, now you just need to double click on the “Toolpaths” title and the toolpath floating window will open.

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