VCarve tool speeds

I noticed that the default mills in VCarve desktop have a speed of 100in\min and plunge of 40in\min, this is somewhat different than the 30in\min setting I see in Easel when creating a project, and I’m not really sure where to find the plunge speed in Easl.

I assume 100in\min is pretty aggressive, but does anyone have the recommended cut speed and plunge speed when using VCarve w\ the XCarve?

Depends on what you are cutting and the rigidity of your machine, but you should use everyone’s Easel recommendations and plug them into v-carve by “editing” your tools. You can also copy a tool, plug in your settings and change the name to some recognizable so you can find it in the future in your tool database. 100 is most likely too fast for your machine. You can probably set your plunge to the same or less than your feed rate in most materials. I peck drill and cut aluminum at slower plunge rates using v-carve. Plus your stock x-carve will struggle with plunge rates higher than 40 inches per minute (I believe). I suggest a max plunge rate of 30 and a starting speed of 40 for most woods and then test from there.

Perfect, thanks. I’ve upgraded my XC to stiffen both X and Y, as well as replaced belts with GT3, but I think I’m going to stay conservative and edit all the mills to match the Easel numbers. Since I’m using VCarve on one machine, and sending using UGS on another I want to avoid having to run back and forth to tweak settings, so I’m happy to play it safe and just let the cut take a bit longer, provided I don’t start burning the stock…

Don’t necessarily use the Easel default settings… but use the settings you have had success with in Easel right? I don’t use Easel but I keep seeing funky default settings giving people troubles in Easel (just like in V-carve).

Also, being conservative should apply primarily to DOC as opposed to distance per minute travel. For instance, in aluminum, you want to move pretty quickly (30-50ipm), have your bit rotating as slowly as possible (1 on Dewalt), and be conservative with your DOC, starting at .001" (probably too conservative) and then go to .002", etc. Consequently, for a single 1/8" end mill, you might want to set up a different tool in v-carve for aluminum, and a separate tool in v-carve for wood with a more aggressive DOC, but both are for the very same bit.


Per the specs on the X Carve the rapid rate for plunge is 500 mm/minute. That is only about 20 in/min per my calculation, correct?
Is there a way to increase this as I believe it takes extra time in heavily detailed 3D carves?