Vcarve user

Has anyone used the vcard program with the xcarve? I’m having trouble with the easel program because I’m used to autocad. I have my degree in computer drafting.
Is it easy to have to xcarve understand the gcodes?
Thank you.

Lots of people use it. You’ll have no issues with compatibility.
That said, if you can draft in AutoCAD, you should be able to cut without the added expense of V-carve (depending on your end goal). In my experience, Easel and V-carve both are better when you can import from a different source.
Got an example of a file you can’t get to cut?

Please provide an example of what kind of things you’d like to carve.

AutoCAD can export files in DXF format which Easel can import.
Wether its a viable option depend on the design (flat carving or 3D shape)

If you have a strong AutoCAD background, I would recommend Fusion 360.
It is free for hobbyist and businesses earning under $100K.

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