VCarve visual tool paths do not match the Easel tool paths

What VCarve says the tool path will do does not match what Easel actually does with it. The import file is in the Easel PP.

When I tested it on a piece of plywood, it crashed.

This is what the X Carve actually does…
It machines the holes properly, and exits the last hole properly
then Z re-enters the hole and rapids home inside of the part, 3/8 lower than Z 0.



I don’t use Easel.

Can you upload the g-code file generated by Vcarve here?

hello LarryM, if you don’t mind me asking, what do you use? i just installed the Vcarve Pro and noticed the same thing. wondering if you can bypass Easel?

I use a variety of software.

Mostly, Vcarve PRO with UGCS version 1.0.9 to send the G-code, and PicSender to send G-code.

UGCS version 1.0.9 is a stable release of the product, but it has known problems with very large G-code files.

PicSender is a licensed product, but the license fee is only about $25 USD. It can send very large G-code files without issues.

I would like to get Easel working properly. Does anyone have any advice?

If you would upload the G-code from Vcarve, I could take a look at it to see if I see any problems that would cause Easel to mis-behave.

Or are you saying that you also did the design in Easel and that doesn’t work?

Hey @MatthewDeCaussin

I’m pretty sure this is related to the safety height set in the Machine >> Advanced settings panel.

At the end of a carve, easel will send a G0 Z<that height> then rapid to G0 X0 Y0. This should probably be changed to just let the carve end, and not tell the machine to move anywhere else.


Does this mean that when Easel is being used as a G-code sender, it doesn’t just send the G-code, but instead has some built in functionality that basically modifies what the imported G-code does?

It doesn’t modify the code you imported. It will only add a bit to the front/end of it. For example, Easel will add a M3 (spindle-on) and an M5 (spindle-off) at the beginning/end of your gcode block (if you have the functionality enabled). Same for accessory commands. The only movement we add in these blocks is to go the safety height at the start/end of a carve.


My safety height in the advanced setting is at .15 inches.

When you compare the above images, the Easel image looks flipped. This was created using a .nc file from Easel PP in VCarve.

When I used the Xcarve PP and opened up the .gcode file in Easel, it looks correct.