Vectric bad behavior. Help?

Hello Everyone,

I have run into a hitch in a plaque that I am trying to make. I am having trouble with the V-carve on the first “O” in the word SCHOOL. It is carving the center out of the “O”.

I have deleted and recreated the text twice and the problem continues to appear in the preview. I took a chance and carved the plaque hoping that it was simply a preview issue.

No such luck. It carved exactly like the preview. See attached:

crofts Bulldog 9 x 16.crv3d (5.4 MB)

Oops… I missed the G-code:Crofts bulldog 9 x (1.4 MB)

It almost looks like you may have an open vector.
save the file as an Rev1 then remove the “bad” O and copy the good one in its place.

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Thanks Jan.

I had already edited the text twice to remove the offending O and replace it. It did not help.

Based on your suggestion, I saved the project as “V2” then edited it. Problem solved.

I don’t understand why but it worked.

Thanks again.


I see you have it fixed but was it text or curves?

I had an issue where it was doing that with text and when I converted from text to curves, it went away.


I am not certain that I understand your question.

I drew a curve, created the text and then set the text to follow the curve. When I had the text in place I deleted the curve.

In Vectric products, when you create text it makes a text object so you can edit it.

You can also right click and select “Convert to curves” and it takes the text and makes them vectors so you can join/merge/weld them together or do other things.

My issue was that a particular font, when it was considered text, was causing Vcarve toolpath issues. Once I converted the text to curves (vectors), the problem went away.

It has nothing to do with actually curving text.


I had this problem and I manually moved it so the Os weren’t touching each other (looks like yours may be too?). Anwyay, that fixed it so I went on with life and didn’t try to figure out beyond that.

Been there as well. I always convert text to curves - ESPECIALLY when applying text to a curve - V Carve does not rotate the letters properly around the curve (most of the time). You should easily see the open vector or overlap when you zoom in (use the mouse wheel).

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Thank you all for your assistance!!