Vectric Cut2D 8.0 and X-carve

Hello there,

I am a bit confused with G-codes and operating SW for the X-carve without Easel.

I am using Vectric Cut2D 8.0 which generates G-code, and it has the ability to send it to a post processor as “X-carve mm or Inch”.

Have read in other topics that if the SW can generate a G-code - then I do not need something like the g-code sender etc.

I also understand that Easel cannot accept outside G-code, hence I am looking for another option.

Is there a SW that will accept the G-code generated by Cut2D for X-carve and drive the X-carve machine properly ?

Many thanks


You do need something like UGCS. The post processor for Cut2D is there so that Cut2D can generate the appropriate G-code for the X-carve. Once generated you have to have a program to actually send the G-code to the X-carve.

You can use UGCS, Chilipepper, or various other programs that perform that function.

Hi Larry

Thanks for your reply.

I am looking into UGCS because it looks like it will do the job and is not very much complicated.

Downloaded the UGCS master from Github - it says I need to install it by clicking on the .Jar file, problem is I cannot see any jar file there.:frowning:

Then downloaded a V1.0.9 version (has only 4 files) - seems like its working but I do not have the Arduino and Gshield boards yet - so I guess I will have to get them first :slight_smile:



UGCS uses Java. You might want to make sure you have a current Java installation.

I use 1.0.9.

Thanks Larry,

Yes - just updated Java, and will use v1.0.9 as it seems to work OK.