Vectric post processor

Do I have to have easel pro to use vectric post processor? I am trying to use the vectric post processor and I have easel free version. When trying to open the file it says there is an error in the gcode. Please advise…


What post processor are you choosing in Vectric’s software?

If you are using easel to send the gcode, yes you’d need the Easel PP.
Heres the instructions:

If using a different software to send tge gcode then use their preferred one instead.

I’m trying to do the same thing and it keeps routing me to the microsoft store search and nothing comes up, any other advice?

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If you use the gcode import tool in easel there are buttons at the bottom that direct to the post processor download as well.


This is all I get when I try that, and when I try to download it it just takes me in circles. I think I was able to download the Post Processor, but none of the rest of the instructions make sense.


In Vectric > machine>install post Prosser>

If you downloaded from Easel, check your download destination folder and/or download folder

vectric-easel (1).pp (3.0 KB)

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Oh, yeah they dont make sense as they were written for prior version of vectric and with v11 vectric changed how post processors are stored and referenced and added the machine setup part as well.
I kinda doubt Easel staff are going to add instructions for every new update Vectric does.

Personally I suggest using a purppse built sender like OpenBuilds Control though:

As for how to get the Easel post processor into vectric V11:
Reference the second to the last step here