Venting work shop

Hey All, So getting ready to move my machine to its permanent home. Out in the 12x15 shed.
I plan on hooking shop vac up to it with a dust shoe to catch the bulk of the chips and some dust and for
the fine particles I was looking at a WEN 3410 Air Filter to filter the air. I usually walk away after starting the job and making sure it didn’t crash. Then coming back later. So thought why not just vent it outside instead and save my self few hundred. Would there be anything wrong with just opening a window and venting all the fine particles outside instead?

I have a shed about the same size. I use a couple extension cords to bring in the 110V. I have 2 doors in the front and 2 windows on each side. I had the guy who built it, put in a 4" duct at the back. I’ve never used the duct but I keep at least one door open and a window open when I’m working. The door open lets in light from the southern exposure. I found the dust shoe a pain so I removed it. I have a large fan in there for cooling and use a wet dry vac when the machine is running. Plenty of dust gets everywhere from other sources too. I’ve taped furnace filters onto large box fans for collecting small particles and that does work. You have to vacuum or replace filters frequently. I suspect if you don’t do something major about dust collecting that you’ll be in the same boat as me with wood dust and chips everywhere.

One thing I bought that I never installed yet because I don’t have the extra electric for it, is a shuttered explosion proof window exhaust fan. I’d probably put that on the East side which would get the least amount of wind and rain. That might be something to consider for your venting issue.

This kind of thing: