Vertical position of upper cabinets

We have added an option to raise or lower the upper cabinets, separated from room height. When selecting an upper cabinet you can now see “Vertical offset” field, which you can use to move cabinets up and down the wall. The offset is measure from 54" baseline position of wall cabinets.
You can now also change room height without changing upper cabinets position. See the video below for more information.

More details
Q: Can I move lower cabinets up and down?
A: Not yet.

Q: Can I move cabinets left/right or front/back?
A: Not right now, we are actively looking at allowing more degrees of freedom.

Q: Is it possible to stack multiple upper cabinets on top of each other?
A: Eventually this will be possible, for now we have a limit of one cabinet.


Q: When do you anticipate we will be able to stack uppers? Do you have a timeline?

Hi @RobertMalloy
We don’t have a concrete day. Could you explain what is your use case? This will help us design the cabinets better.