Vertical Text

Howdy… I couldn’t find this topic in the search. How do I type text vertically… The customer wants the text running vertically instead of the typical horizontal format. There is probably a real simple way and I can’t find it… sorry for my ignorance.

Thanks… Chuck Lyons

@ChuckLyons. Here a video that may help

Howdy Phil… thanks for the reply…my question is designing the letters to be vertical in the Xcarve software. It must be something simple so I can type vertically like I do in photoshop.

Thanks… Chuck

Howdy again… What you have in the video is perfect… I need my text running vertically like you have on the sword. Do I have to individually do each letter… place it in and space it out correctly… or is there are way to type it in vertically so it is evenly spaced.

Thanks… Chuck

Simply add a line shift (press Enter) between each letter :slight_smile:

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Thank you :+1: