Very Disappointed

Ordered my X-Carve Nov 17 OK no problems three weeks tell delivery I can live with that.
Today i get an e-mail they shipped 1/2 my order ? and i will have to wait tell Expected ship date: 12/20/2016 for the other 1/2 of the shipment ? And this is the explanation i get.

We sold more of some of the items in your order this week than we normally do. They were so hot we sold out before being able to ship your order. We’re sorry for the wait, and we’ll ship out your products as soon as they arrive. We’ll cover any additional shipping costs.

So they took out pieces from my order to fulfill other orders? am i interpreting this wrong?

The wait is worth it. Trust me.


It will be worth the wait foo sure. I think some one under estimated the Black Friday Sale.

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Actually a month wait has been pretty standard. So look at it like the sent half really early so you can get started on your build. Inventables is a relatively small company. And from why I’ve seen. Looks like they’ve been getting their a@& handed to them with orders lol. Could have worse problems :wink: Overall great company and they do the right thing in :100: % of the situations I’ve seen.
Welcome to the family!

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Curtis you are absolutely right. Johnny Mercer said Man, they said we better, accentuate the positive / Eliminate the negative / Latch on to the affirmative / Don’t mess with Mister In-Between :slight_smile:


And since you will have a few weeks to kill… might I suggest that you:

  1. Read the forum religiously. Amazing how many tidbits of info that you retain just from reading this site.
  2. Watch the assembly video/read the instructions until you can do them with your eyes closed.
  3. Think about dust collection. Seriously.
  4. Bone up on some other tools that you have been putting off. (Table saw attachments, drill bits, Japanese pull saws, etc. etc.)
  5. Organize the sh*t outta your space. Once the X-Carve comes, you won’t be thinking about where to place your bits, or lighting, or electrical. Do it now. (See #1 above)
  6. Tell everyone that you know that all you want for Xmas are gift cards to varied hardware stores/ lumber stores.
  7. Stock up on screws, bolts and nuts. (metric ones too).
    and finally… Just know that practically everyone on this site has waited (some waited weeks; some (like me) waited months.) and like kids waiting on xmas morning, we all couldn’t sleep the nights before…

In about a month from now, you will be carving like there is no tomorrow…

Welcome to the club…


@RonSabourin hit the nail on the head with #1. When I assembled my xcarve I had been all over this forum. And I avoided so many mishaps because I was expecting them, and knew what to do.


My suggestion is, just enjoy your time before your equipment arrives. Spend some time with your family, go fishing, go outside take a breath. You will miss this days after dive into Xcarve business. :innocent:


LOL thanks Alen.

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@AlanDavis is correct, after you get the X-Carve you are going to think back fondly about all the spare time you used to have.

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Hi Mike. I interpretted it the way Bob states as well. I want you to know that I’ve been using the X-Carve since August. I spent about 2 years thinking about getting this and I finally pulled the trigger then. I gotta say that I have been very happy with the decision from both the product and support standpoint. I understand the frustration, however, but I believe, once you get your order, you will be very happy. The guys at Inventables have been way-over-the-top helpful with me and getting started. Hopefully you can be patient a bit longer for your unit.

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What a difference a couple days makes. I ordered on Nov 14th and they shipped everything but the X-controller on the 22nd. The X-controller has an expected ship date of 12/7. I am betting the Black Friday sale nudged a good many buyers (did me) and that has hit the inventory hard.

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Yep. Free shipping was too good to pass up.

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I had to wait for 2 whole months…the horror :grin:
Its worth the wait and was caused by the switch in selling the old and New model. (Robosavvy)
In the wait you can also:
get to know fusion360 and f-engrave,
make a sturdy (large) table,
think about the future dust and Where it will go…haha
Order some bits
Think about what you are gonna make…

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I feel your pain. I don’t think they are taking parts from your order to fill others.

I ordered mine about a month and a half ago and received everything but the Xcontroller approx. 3 weeks after ordering it. I called and the manager informed me that they had an nventory issue on their end and took full responsibility. he understoof it was like buying a new car with no engine. we worked out a deal and I should be receiving the Controller by the end of the week (2 months after order). things happen. I had to suck it up a drive on. I hope you can get your parts soon and play with your new toy as I am waiting to do the same with mine.

Hi Mike,

I understand the frustration and I apologize on behalf of our team. It was not our intention to upset anyone. We do expect one of the critical parts we need to arrive this week after which we can have our board mfg. start producing the X-Controller controller boards again. As soon as they start sending over completed boards we can jump back on it and get X-Controllers out to customers who are waiting as soon as possible. We also expect clamp sets, Z-Probes and 1000mm waste boards in this week and then those can start going out again as well.

I am working on an updated shipping schedule for backordered items later today and once we confirm the arrival date of the parts we will send around a communication to everyone. Thank you for your support and understanding and again sorry to make anyone wait.


Thanks for the update,very much appreciated…

Hello Mike,

I do agree with you, it is very unfair to threat customers in that manner. I am waiting for my x-carve unit which I purchase about three weeks ago with a promise of delivery of 6 to 8 weeks?? Now it makes me concern… It sure did not took long to Inventables to take my money from my account… Lets hope that they will fulfil their promise about my delivery. I surely do not want partial shipment, it will make things worst…


I received 1/2 my order today :slight_smile: I believe they are doing the best they can and Phil was very good at explaining that. I had a moment there of I WANT IT NOW attitude but good thing do come to those who wait, and i’m OK with that. some in the posts are right by saying looking around the forums and “read everything you can”. Set up your work bench something i did this weekend. Patients my friend.

Hey Bob.

Even that it seems easy to assemble the device, before getting underway to assemble the unit, I rather like to have all the bits and pieces so you could get underway without waiting for missing parts or components. Usually prior getting the assembly of the unit, I will perform an inventory of the components, bits and pieces to make sure that I am not missing anything. You need to spread around the parts and ( I do assume that an assembly manual will come with the unit or a CD-video). As far as I am concern I rather like to wait until Inventables got the complete unit for my shipment…

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