Very Green- need help with bit ID

I have a new fox alien and I’m trying to put the bits I have in Easel to work my first project. What I have is labelled as an endmill r0.5*1-1/4 D 1/4 by SPETOOL with a side label of TiAIN. I have no idea what it is to categorize it(it doesn’t look like any already in there). I don’t really see a ball nose on it and its a long slow angle. I used to use it starting a carve with a mallet but don’t know how to put it in easel properly. Any ideas? Sorry, I’m beyond green with this… I am a turner and CNC is way out of my knowledge range Greatly appreciate the assistance!

Is this the bit? 1/4 shank 3" long tapers to a pt.

Yes that is exactly what it looks like. What is it characterized as?

SpeTool 0.5mm Radius 1/4 Shank Tapered Ball Nose 3D Carving Router Bit (

I’d select a similar tapered bit from the choices.

Jump to about the 20 minute mark for discussion about how to enter Tapered Ball Bits into Easel… there are important notes about trying to use this style bit with Easel…

Thank you. The ball nose end is so minimal. I get to try this baby out now!

Used to use those bits for detail carves, but once I got into STL file carving for 3D, they were too problematic so seldom use them any more.

What do you use? since I am so green, I bought the upcut, downcut, ballnose and some V bits. Id love to do more relief carving stuff but want to use the easiest and most appropriate. I just cut my first project and my biggest issue is “homing” so that my start point is the same between bits. i was off… but im learning… so im ok with messing it up… it was only on a piece of pine

Am not that far ahead of you when it comes to CNC, but began producing wood things in 1973.
Anyroad, most of the time I use 1/4" 2 flute upcut bits, do use downcut sometimes, but for the first few months, dont worry about that, just use what you have at hand.
I also use a 1/4" ball nose. an 1/8" two flute, a variety of rabbet bits for flattening slabs, a 60 deg V bit.
I suggest you buy a cheap set of assorted bits, and muck those up as you learn, If you want to make bowls you will need bowl bits, tho it will be a while before you use round over bits and chamfer bits but when you need one you will have it. Do not get bits with bearings on them as they are great for hand held or table machines but they are not going to work well on your CNC, Having said that a few days I took the bearing off a cove bit but used it on my table mounted router so you could do that buuuut??

Have to run now, but feel free to ask questions, we all learn by banging our heads against the wall.

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thanks for the info… its so overwhelming… my dad did all router stuff by hand. The laser kit is much easier right now… which I am trying to learn the burn for selecting speed and power. Not sure if easel does anything with laser… Trying laserGRBL but looking at lightburn only because its what i have found on the internet so far…

@TinaMoran IMO you will find your CNC to be much more useful than laser.
PS. if you switch to metric you will find CNC’ing much easier. I do not do conversions between imperial and metric, I work in either one, and it does not take long to get profficient with MM’s.
Correction I do do conversions when in the lumber store, 100mm = 4 inches, 150mm= 6 inches, but in my shop its either or, and for the last year is is usually metric.

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