VFD adding 10k pot (potentiometer)

Hey guys,

help needed. I am looking to fit a 10k potentiometer to my VDF and would like to know how ‘you guys’ might have approached it. I have read various online forums and just don’t want to do something silly and make it go boom! this is the model I have…


Thanks in advance…


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It is pretty easy. Only took me about 15 minutes to get it working. It’s only 3 connections to the VR, VI, and ACM terminals. The VI connection is the wiper for the potentiometer. VR is 10V and ACM is the common connection.

See page 8 of the manual for the connections. http://www.automationtechnologiesinc.com/wp-content/uploads/downloads/2012/02/VFD15-22.pdf

Also watch this video.


much appreciated, I have completed the process thanks to you… I owe you one!!!


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exactly, saves having to use the vfd interface everytime. I am really happy with it.

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Glad you got it going Simon. It does make life much easier than having to mess with the interface. :smile: :+1:

Very nicely done. :grinning:
Will the display still show the rpm when using the potmeter?
I’m in the thinking box of buying a X-carve 500 macine and maybe this type of vfd and spindle.

Yes, the VFD display does show the rpm when using the Potentiometer.

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Finally some people who got the same spindle and inverter I want to get! Any experience, yet?
Can anyone maybe provide a picture of the power connection of the spindle or even has checked if the enlosure is properly connected to ground? I’ve seen it on some german forums that this is a huge safety issue on many of the chinese spindles.
Furthermore, have you measured runout on those spindles?