Vibration/chatter problems! Help please

No clue what’s going on. Getting vibration as it’s carving but only in certain spots. Tried a few different speeds, no change. Everything appears right as far as belt tension, wheels, and so on. Cutting red oak, not the best material but it’s what a customer wants. Had a tiny bit of chatter on pine too in certain spots. I’m lost on what to do!

Chatter along this cut line.

No vibration/chatter along this cut line.

The spot on the pine carving

Thanks! Just now getting back on here, but both of you are correct. Cut the depth in half and slowed it down a bit. Ran fine after that. I wasn’t thinking anything about depth of cut or speed. This was the first time using the compression cut mills. The depth and speed worked perfect with upcuts.

Downcut. Not sure why I typed compression, guess because I had just looked at some online.

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