Vibration in Y-Axis

Hello all,

I recently finished a modified version of the X-Carve and I’m getting some vibration in the Y-axis at lower speeds. I used Openbuilds V-wheels and eccentric nuts for the build along with Nema-23 steppers. I’ve attached a photo of the build and a short video of the Y-axis in motion. Does that look/sound okay to you?

Are your Y and X axis plates 1/8" aluminum? I would think that would introduce some wobble/vibrations.

they are 0.090" galvanized steel, I added four 1/8" aluminum support plates to the Y-axis rails to try and reduce the vibration but it didn’t seem to help.

I made my end plates out of 1/4" aluminum with 1/4" Y-Axis supports…it is solid as a rock.

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Well can’t view the video “Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.”

Last night I was making a sign and i was also getting some vibration when cutting in the Y-axis direction also. I noticed that Y-axis was doing a crosscut and X- axis was cutting with the grain. Chalked it up to the bit was not the right bit for the job and/or cut settings could be changed to make a better cut in both directions. Like on a table saw a 24 tooth blade is good for a rip cut and a 60-80 tooth blade is good for crosscuts.

Your Y pulleys seem to have generous dimensions. Are that 30 teeth or more pulleys? The bigger the pulley diameter the more travel per step, this can introduce vibrations.

Thanks all for the suggestions. I’ll keep in mind the grain of wood that I might route and I’ll try smaller pulleys on the y-axis motors.